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Kerala STEDS

November 21, 2016

To position the company as a Networking and Logistics Institution

Kerala STEDS was looking for a website which would reflect the company’s corporate image and portfolio to attract prospective customers. They were looking at domestic Kerala enquirers for Networking and Logistic Courses

The K2web Solutions team offered them a user-experience design approach to boost sales. We did a website ranking for all relevant search terms such ‘Networking’ and ‘Logistics’.

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We focussed more on the usability, accessibility and interaction, the website provided to the user. The website was promoted across all marketing channels.


Early on the project, we identified the critical factors which suppressed the growth of the company. In order to attract the right target audience to the website, we did a complete revamp which included design, development, content and promotion.

We achieved 10% increase in leads for Networking Courses in 2020.


The Result of Our Work

  • 75% Growth in Traffic to Website
  • 2000+ New Visitors every month
  • 62% Increase Visitors from Kerala
  • 53% Increase in leads in the year 2020
3.5% CTR
20% less CPA
152% ROI