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Discover the impact of our personalized approach in expanding D Line's online presence and influence in the Design Field

Connecting D' Line with aspiring students and industry professionals worldwide

Our collaborative efforts have significantly enhanced D Line’s online visibility and extended their market reach, positioning them as a top-tier destination for design education. Through strategic optimization techniques and targeted digital marketing initiatives, we have propelled D Line’s digital growth trajectory, connecting them with aspiring students and industry professionals worldwide.

A glance to D Line.

  • Established Reputation: D Line, a sister venture of Line Group consultancy, has earned a distinguished reputation in the Design Field, offering a range of specialized courses including BSc Interior Design Advanced Diploma in Civil Interior, Diploma in Interior Design, Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, BSc Fashion Design, and Diploma in Fashion Design.
  • Education Excellence: With its origins as Cubatic College of Design and evolution into D Line School of Design, the institution provides exemplary education promoting professional and personal growth across various design disciplines.
  • Accomplished Faculty: D Line boasts a faculty of experienced professionals who actively engage students in the learning process, ensuring a high standard of education tailored to each specialized course.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The institute’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to meet industry demands, equipping students with practical skills and knowledge essential for success in their chosen field of design.
  • Strong Industry Connections: D Line maintains strong ties with local industries, providing students with ample opportunities for internships, collaborations, and career placements upon graduation.

How our collaboration helped them.

  • Tailored SEO Strategies: We implemented customized SEO strategies to enhance D Line’s online visibility and attract a broader audience of prospective students interested in specialized design courses.
  • Digital Marketing Initiatives: Our team executed targeted digital marketing campaigns to promote D Line’s range of courses, highlighting the unique features and benefits of each program to potential students.
  • Content Optimization: We optimized D Line’s website content to improve search engine rankings and ensure clear communication of the institution’s offerings, including specialized courses in interior design and fashion design.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Through strategic collaborations and partnerships, we facilitated D Line’s connections with relevant industry players, further enhancing its reputation and influence within the design community.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: We provided ongoing monitoring and optimization services to adapt to evolving market trends and ensure sustained digital growth for D Line’s diverse range of design courses.


At Dline School of Logistics, our primary focus was on enhancing user experience by prioritizing usability, accessibility, and interaction on our website. We aimed to ensure that navigating through course information, registration processes, and accessing resources was intuitive and seamless for all users. 


To address the challenge of enhancing usability, accessibility, and interaction on the Dline School of Logistics website while maximizing its promotion across all marketing channels, we revamped the website with a user-centric design, streamlined the registration process, and added interactive features like live chat support.

The Result of Our Work

    1. User Engagement: Increased session durations by 25%, reduced bounce rates by 15%.
    2. Accessibility: Achieved 30% improvement in website accessibility compliance.
    3. Enrollment: Saw a 40% surge in course enrollments and 50% increase in inquiries.
    4. Online Presence: Boosted website traffic by 50%, improved search engine rankings by 20%.

3.5% CTR

20% less CPA

152% ROI